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The starting point of my research was the reflection on the value of the cast and the matrix.

Like the casts of Pompeii, the cast does not imitate a form but takes the place of what was real by filling the void trapped by matrices which have preserved its shape before its disappearance or destruction, immobilizing it forever beyond any temporal dimension. The cast becomes the repository of the memory of a passage or change of state, memento mori of a transient nature.

I work on absence, on emptiness as death and transformation, on the importance of what is not visible, as real as what we can see.

I work with casts and matrices, with positive and negative, with full and empty.

The vacuum is not a state of non-being but full of fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that are constantly being created and destroyed, too quickly to be seen. As in platonic hyperuranion, it contains the potential of everything that exists and will exist in the future.

To our limited senses only things that we can see, touch, or perceive appear real without thinking that their structures, including our body, are mostly made up of vacuum and it is precisely the vacuum that gives the most shape to the structure of what we can perceive with the senses. Form is empty, emptiness is form.

The void is form among the forms of perceived reality.

Positivo e negativo si alternano senza soluzione di continuità sulle mie strutture in garza e gesso. Strutture vuote, calco di una tela poi rimossa. Talvolta quella tela è stata il positivo talvolta il negativo ed ha lasciato la sua traccia sulla superficie lunare.

They are complementary forms and in a constant relationship. Separated from a place intended as the boundary of what contains. Which of the two is the container? Ultimately our forms do not have a material structure, at an infinitesimal level everything is empty, and the void, coinciding for us with what we do not see, is full of things that can hardly be defined as real. Matter at the subatomic level is made up of vortices of energy that rotate and vibrate, jumping out and in from existence.

What we call matter and recognize as real and what is not perceived by our senses and we call void, are made up of immaterial energy which is provisionally organized in different ways. We are one.

The matrices define an internal space that becomes a cast and an external one that traces on the surrounding space which receives these traces and at the same time acts as a matrix.

Positive and negative alternate seamlessly on my gauze and plaster structures. Empty structures, cast of a canvas which was then removed. Sometimes that canvas was the positive, sometimes the negative and it left its trace on the lunar surface.

On the humid and malleable surface, depressions, imprints, matrices and casts of what continuously forms and disappears too quickly to be seen, are formed: new organizations of shapes but also thoughts, ideas, emotions, energies that vibrate and interact with that of ultimate reality and influence it. With no more canvas, they maintain their shape, without any more support they solidify free, reveal and fix the shapes of the surrounding void in the same way a balloon reveals the existence of air.

These very light membranes could develop in a potentially infinite way. They move under their weight, they breathe, they expand, they flex. They can fix forms, universal, primordial and archetypal traces of a collective memory of a unique and infinite being with multiple forms.

Sometimes layers of gauze rise like torn sinopias.

Through matrices and casts, I see the possibility of stopping those fleeting forms and making them real to the senses.

Traces as a clue to the existence.

So, I don't know if the gauze and gypsum membrane belongs to the void that apparently contains the visible structure or is it the membrane of the void contained by the structures or in the structure itself. The void as an imprint of the full, as real as the body that delimits it.

The canvas before being removed, which is at the same time matrix, mold, and sometimes trace, gives shape to this adherent and contiguous membrane between the visible not visible, between real and real, between provisional and provisional. This layer of gypsum preserves the texture of the canvas as an imprint that makes this surface ready to be a welcoming and receiving womb and a creator of shapes too. 

The canvas as a signifier of art.

The light that is sometimes positioned behind these structures does not perform the task of mere performative or aesthetic exercise to enhance the gauze or material but is a tool to show how the surface is reorganized. The shapes on the surface disappear and reorganize themselves into textures. The light that comes from the void is the consequence of a conscious act of the observer who changes the perceived reality in the very act of observing.

In the light of awareness, we shape a new reality. The light is a revelation.

The gauze is veil. It is a membrane that allows passage and communication through its large weave but it is also a bandage. In the ritual of water, of washing it from the plaster, I feel a purifying ablution of the body and soul in its evolutionary passages, of small and large deaths and new departures, in the combination with gypsum an act of loving care, of salvific intervention, of rebirth, regeneration or resurrection. They are Shroud witnesses of an underlying pantheism.

In a Universe where everything is in close relationship in dynamic equilibrium and the infinitely large and the infinitely small determine reality, if our thoughts and actions can interact and thus modify this reality, we are active guardians of our world, of our planet. Man is not in the Universe, man is an integral part of an immaterial, mental and spiritual universe. Interconnected with the whole surrounding world, indivisible reality form Nature.

 I think we are part of a "entanglement" system, of a distance correlation between separate systems, where our actions modify not only what is contiguous but the whole system because everything is made of the same nature, particles and electromagnetic waves in continuous becoming in the void, in which our being is one of the possible impermanent balances.

It is time to be aware of this and to act without further delay. All, none excluded. It is time to awaken the lethargic consciousness. 

Like in the middle of a cyclone or a blender, nothing touches us as everything whirls around us.  
The faster and more ferocious images raise the bar of our addiction.                                                                      
I would like to shake the multitude from the sedation of mass communication of the media which seems to guarantee hyper-communication and instead force the non-experimentation of information which rarely becomes consciousness; to awaken the need and the pleasure to investigate, to reflect, to go beyond a fallacious appearance, to take the time, to reveal what is hidden or not immediate and to hide to highlight to the conscience.

I voluntarily remove from sight and hide in the empty plaster casts of Romanesco cabbage and corn, waste and polystyrene. Plastics and cigarette butts collected in the streets, paths and beaches fill the space. The substance of the food is hidden from view and generally does not have our attention. These objects filled with waste but with a reassuring, pleasant, familiar appearance remind us how the most insidious dangers are those we do not see, hidden in food, in the earth, in the water and invisible in the air as we are unfortunately experiencing today. We are interested in shape, size, color. The substance of things can be dangerous because it escapes our interest and escapes from sight. In a society that conveys appearance as an affirmation of existence, we don't care about what is substantial. We keep out of sight and dismiss out of our consciousness the damage that we perpetuate as nefarious King Midas to a sorrowful Nature, thought of as other than ourselves, used as a carpet under which to hide waste and poisons that it returns while adapting to survive. And She will survive. While microplastics, pollution and viruses are changing food, water, soil and air irreversibly, nature will reorganize itself at the expense of man.

Many things are hidden from us in the world and our life, but we have the means to become aware of them, to see the signs, the traces and to face uncomfortable and painful truths with the courage we owe to our survival.

Time will not always be an ally and the awakening from this deception could be devastating and definitive.



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